2007 Advanced Bioregional Class: Sustainability/Local Sustainability

Ramon’s Weekly Report #3

Advanced Bioregionalism Education
Autumn Session 2007

October 17th & 19th  

The first day of classes this week we analyzed the different criteria of sustainability in Ecuador. We held a discussion about the importance of sustainability. Among the factors discussed were the following:

  • Economic benefits because of improved quality of life through the rational use of flora and fauna.
  • Sustainability gives us a vision for the future because it will conserve and increase the population of plants and animals in the forests and allow future generations to benefit from this.
  • All different types of habitants and portions of the population, with the help of public and private institutions can be involved, without geographic limitations.
  •   With a working plan of action for sustainability for the conservation of ecosystems, including nation and international cooperation, we can improve the lifestyles of the residents and have a healthy environment free of pollution.
  • Improved consciousness of the benefits that natural resources can bring.

On Friday, we headed to the Cerro Seco nature reserve to observe a variety of examples of local sustainability. We visited a chicken coop of naturally raised chickens. This is an example of a micro-business since it supplies employment to members of the Bellavista community.

 We saw several reforestation sites around the nature reserve and the greenhouse with native tree species waiting to be planted. We saw the process of making trails through the Dry Tropical Forest, which will allow visitors to see the variety of flora and fauna there. We also did a cleanup of the area, collecting lots of disposed plastic materials.

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After all this, the group came to the general conclusion that for everything to be sustainable, everyone must become conscious of the importance of natural resources which can be economically viable and at the same time improve our lives. Without conservation there won’t be any sustainable development.

Translated by Clay.

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