2008 Bioregional Education Class: A Seminar “How to make environmental impact studies” & The Coastal Ecosystem

Ramon’s Weekly Report #7

Bioregionalism Education
Summer Session, 2008

June 18 & 20, 2008

The theme for this week was Flora, but the students were invited to attend a seminar called “How to make environmental impact studies.”  

Bioregional students at a seminar on environmental impact studies in the Central Bank Museum.

So instead of normal class, the kids all went to the library in the Central Bank Museum.  It consisted of showing the importance of these studies, understanding how we can cause disequilibrium to habitats and using a base line, how to measure the level of impact humans have on an ecosystem.  The workshop ended at 5:15, and then students went home.  After the seminar, Kirk commented that he would study environmental engineering.

Some of the kids arrived early to class on Friday and played games until their classmates arrived.  Then we set off on our walk to Bellavista and from there to the beach to observe the coastal ecosystem.  As we walked I explained that all bioregions have a large diversity of flora and fauna.  In this case that involved all of the plants and animals we spotted along our hike.  Such as the flora which includes trees like the Ceibo and shrubs like Moyuyo and other plants, like Orchids.  We saw lots of Moyuyo, which were flowering yellow and easy to identify on the hillsides. 

The students check out freshly caught fish.

From Bellavista we went down to the beach.  The kids were enjoying themselves and playing.  We bumped into a fisherman coming out of the water in his dugout canoe.  He showed the students the fish he had caught and they asked him what kind they were.  He said they were called Sierras and Pargos

Carlos David and a star fish he came across.

Along the way, Raul found a star fish and Frank a snail.

Joao and the shark tooth he found.

Joao found a piece of a shark tooth in the sand.  Camelita found the shell of a snail.

Carmelita, Raul and Carlos David go for a quick dip in the chilly ocean waters.

We walked for a few kilometers down the beach and then made our way home.  It was a little cool this afternoon and only three of the kids went for a swim: Camelita, Raul, and Carlos David

            – Ramon

Translated by Clay.

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