2008 Bioregional Education Class: Final Class Discussions and Celebratory BBQ

Ramon’s Weekly Report #12

Bioregionalism Education
Summer Session, 2008

July 23 & 25, 2008       

This was the final week for the first level of Bioregional Education. On Wednesday, after meeting in the park like we always do, I thanked all of the students for having participated in this program. Then we began to talk about all of the different Bioregional topics we’ve discussed over the past 12 weeks.

The students talked about how much fun they’ve had in the classes and the new knowledge that they have acquired, such as distinguishing between native and non-native species, what constitutes a bioregion, and why it’s important to live in balance with nature. Nature is what supports all life on Earth and we need to protect it.

The students also filled out a questionnaire about the classes. Here’s a sample, selected at random, of their answers. This is from Frank. Among the things he liked the most about the class was learning why our bioregion is so important and all of the different experiences he had in the classes. He said that he could be interested in continuing to take Bioregional classes and that he would be interested in participating in other ecological projects in Bahia.   

Frank, Carlos David, Gustavo, Raul, Cesar and Gladys get the fire going for the BBQ.

Before heading home, we made plans for a barbeque party on Friday to celebrate the completion of the 12-week session.

Raisa and Gustavo.
Hanging out.

On Friday we all met at the Cerro Seco nature preserve to have the barbeque.

Clay at the BBQ (3rd from the right)

Clay and the other Planet Drum volunteers, Andrew, Stephen and Gina also showed up. 

There was lots of food and everyone had a great time.

Raul ate more than anyone else.


Class and Planet Drummers refueling


 – Ramon

Translated by Clay.

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