2008 Bioregional Education Class: Soil

Ramon’s Weekly Report #10

Bioregionalism Education
Summer Session, 2008

July 9 & 11, 2008

Stefano goes over this week’s worksheet on soil.

The new theme for this week was Soil. We formed groups and began reading an analyzing the worksheets, but not before I asked the class what is soil?  They answered everything we walk on, where we were seated, where we live, and that it is important because without it we couldn’t grow food. After reading the handouts, we made some conclusions.

Frank told us that when we were on a hike a few weeks ago, he had seen the different layers in the soil and that he could identify the humus layer by its coloration. Gladis talked about organic wastes and told us that through decomposition it is possible to make new soil that is rich in nutrients. I asked her if she had seen this before and she said no. I told the class that they would get to see this on Friday at the Planet Drum greenhouse.

Stefano mentioned that his dad collects dry leaves to mix with soil for his plants. Carlos David talked about how often times we don’t know what kind of agricultural practices farmers use to grow food and that in a family garden you know that there aren’t chemicals on your fruits and vegetables.

The bioregional class at the greenhouse filling 3-liter bottles for transplanting.

On Friday we went to the Planet Drum greenhouse to observe their composting and soil making processes. We saw the different stages of compost that they have there. Then we had a task for the day, to transplant baby Algarrobo trees from the seedbed into three-liter bottles.

Raul, Carlos David and Frank dig holes in the soil for transplanting.

Jaime had prepared a batch of soil for the students to use. Then Raisa, a class assistant, explained and showed the class what they had to do to fill the bottles and transplant the trees.

 Gladis and Raisa dug up the trees from the seed bed and the rest of the class put them into the bottles with soil. After we were done transplanting we caught the bus back to Bahia and the students went home.

            – Ramon

Translated by Clay.

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