2007 Advanced Bioregional Class: Relationships between living beings and the environment.

Ramon’s Weekly Report #1

Advanced Bioregionalism Education
Autumn Session 2007

October 3rd & 5th

Wednesday the class met up in the park to begin the new advanced Bioregionalism classes.  All of the students were excited about the gifts that visiting Planet Drum staffers had left for them (notepads and colored pencils).  The theme of the day was the relationship between living beings and the environment.  The students split into two work groups, one led by a new student, Alan and the other by Raisa, the bioregionalistas group leader.  Each group completed their own analysis of the materials.  The two leaders presented the conclusions of their groups, saying that life is a cycle and that everything is interrelated:  soil for planting, water, temperature, and light for photosynthesis.    

On Friday we went to the greenhouse with the Planet Drum volunteers, where another discussion was held before getting to work.   

We talked about the importance of temperature, soil, water, and sunlight for life: without sunlight there is no photosynthesis, without water there is no life, and without healthy soil we can’t make plantings. 

 After the discussion the students helped the Planet Drum volunteers plant seeds, water the trees and make compost

Translated by Clay.

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