An interview on the radio for Earth Day.

April 27, 2003

 We have been planting because seedlings we have in the greenhouse need to be put in the ground this year. Luckily, we have had quite a bit of rain over the last week. We planted big, secondary level plants in the Bosque. If they take, we will have Guayacan, Fernan Sanchez, Achote and Cascol: four new species to add to the list. The soil is moist and both the new and old plants look good. 

We are going to do an environment class at Genesis School one trimester only. This will only be until July, and Elise II will handle it. About expanding environmental education in Bahia, we have the opportunity to teach classes in a couple of places in more underpriveledged public schools. These would be the Rotary School in Fanca, and at an Eco -Kids Club in Maria Auxiliadora. 

I have a meeting with Mayor Vitteri this week to discuss Fanca. He is in pretty good spirits about the project. I think only 3 or 4 houses are separating Household garbage right now. Perhaps we could make some progress in the school with the kids. It may be better for the kids to tell their parents to separate than me. I did an interview on the radio for Earth Day. I was able to promote our projects and talk about environmental issues in general. Many people heard it and complimented me.

Some plans: 
I am teaming up with Marcello Luque next Wednesday and Thursday to do some planting, which is good because I have zero volunteers at the moment, and he has 6. We will plant an area in the middle of town. A sort of dusty, scraggly spot in the median of the road on the Malecon, near the entrance to Bella Vista Barrio. We will also plant some on our project above Jorge Lomas if time permits. 

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