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By Planet Drum Staff | June 21, 1981

Cities: Salvaging the Parts Circles of Correspondence (Regional Reports) Articles Poetry AnnouncementThird World Ranch ReviewsReviewed by Robert C. Watts Reviewed by Michael Helm Planet Drum UpdateActivities, how to get involved, items for sale, masthead Editorial GraphicsMichael Davidson, Hexacanthion Astercanthion, Nancy Eckel, Michael Myers, Nancy Von Stoutenberg Note: The PDF below is searchable if downloaded. Download.

Raise the Stakes! #2: ECO-DEVELOPMENT: Decolonizing Ourselves

By Planet Drum Staff | January 1, 1981

Eco-Development: Decolonizing Ourselves Circles of Correspondence (Regional Reports) Articles PoetryDeerlodge, Roger Dunsmore AnnouncementFourth World Assembly Conference Reviews Reviewed by Peter Berg EditorialThe Next Step, Peter Berg and Michael Helm GraphicsSam Silver, Leonard Rifas, Sylvester Wesaw, Samiid Aednan, Daniel House, Jack Forbes, Gebe from Le Sauvage, Vito, Michael Myers, Charlie Hochberg, Christopher Swan, Thomas Morris Note: The PDF below is searchable if downloaded. Download

Raise the Stakes! #1: Soft Borders

By Planet Drum Staff | September 21, 1979

Soft Borders: An introduction to Raise the Stakes! Articles PoetryRaise the Stakes!, Peter Berg LetterGary Snyder Reviews Reviewed by Linn House Reviewed by Peter Berg EditorialHumankind Peter Berg(?) (and Linn House?)Report to the Membership GraphicsDaniel O. Stolpe, Shafi Hakim, Peter Hall, Sandy Simonson Note: The PDF below is searchable if downloaded. Download

Listening to the Earth

By Planet Drum Staff | April 7, 1979

___________________ More about the symposium: ___________________ The Bioregional Basis of Community Consciousness A Public Symposium April 7-10, 1979 San Francisco Are we /\out of place in Northern California? Our Society is Heading in Two Conflicting Directions. One of these is the attempt to preserve regional culture, community identity, natural resources and political autonomy. The second retains the impetus of the Industrial Revolution and involves an […]