Raise the Stakes! #2: ECO-DEVELOPMENT: Decolonizing Ourselves

Eco-Development: Decolonizing Ourselves

Circles of Correspondence (Regional Reports)

  • Jerry Gorsline—Scotland
  • Christian Lamontange—Quebec, interviewed by Peter Berg
  • Northern California Report
  • Brian Hill—Trinity Watershed, Denny, California
  • David Simpson—Mattole Watershed, a letter
  • Leonard Rifas—Black Hills Report
  • Russell Means—At 1980 Survival Gathering, a statement
  • Northwest Nation
  • Dug Dobyns—Queen Charlotte Islands
  • Joel Russ—Slocan Valley, B. C.
  • David Pingatore—Samiland,
  • Europe: What Do Centralist Policies From Paris and London Have In Common?
  • Laurie Fadave—Brittany
  • Cloin Simms—Northumbria


  • Reconstituting California: A Model For Regional Self-Determination, Jack Forbes
  • Eco-Development: Decolonizing Ourselves, Raymond Dasmann (Politics), a talk
  • Revisioning Natural Resource Policy, Linn House (Listening to the Earth: Natural Provision), a talk
  • The Suicide & Rebirth of Agriculture: Some Preliminary Thoughts on a Bioregional Food System, Richard Merrill (Natural Science)
  • The Limits of Population Control, Stephanie Mills (Ethics)
  • Toward a Bioregionally Designed Aesthetic, Christopher Swan (Aesthetics)

Deerlodge, Roger Dunsmore

Fourth World Assembly Conference


Reviewed by Peter Berg

  • Samiid Aednan, Norwegian Samid Association [periodical]
  • Rootdrinker [periodical]
  • Upriver Downriver [periodical]
  • All Area [periodical]

The Next Step, Peter Berg and Michael Helm

Sam Silver, Leonard Rifas, Sylvester Wesaw, Samiid Aednan, Daniel House, Jack Forbes, Gebe from Le Sauvage, Vito, Michael Myers, Charlie Hochberg, Christopher Swan, Thomas Morris

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