Bioregional classes plant trees and prep park for eco-week.

Ramon’s Weekly Bioregional Education Report

January 10, 2007

On this day we were invited to work in the greenhouse at the Cerro Seco Reserve. We planted many different types of trees (Pechiche, Hobo, Suche). It was a very special day for the young bioregionalists since what they’ve wanted most is to be able to be a direct part of reforesting.

We were well received at the site and divided into two groups to get our work done. Afterwards we relaxed by taking a break and eating the fruit of full-grown Hobo trees. This day was so much fun, the time went by so quickly.

January 12th, 2007

Since we are approaching the 8th anniversary of Bahia declaring itself an Eco-city, we met today with all of the volunteers from Planet Drum to do some reforestation work in the park of Leonidas Plaza. This park is important because it is at the entrance of the city and it must have a lot of trees and look nice. We cleaned and painted the park and watered the trees there. It was a fun afternoon for the children. The mayor of the city and two council members came to help. One of them planted a tree for the first time and they all participated enthusiastically.

Translated by Clay.

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