Bioregional course: foods native to the Ecuadorian coast

December 18, 2006

On Wednesday the Bioregional Education class identified and learned about the importance of the traditional types of food of the ecuatorian coast, such as corn (which had Originally been used by their ancestors), yucca (rich in carbohydrates), avocado (fat, proteins), pineapple, peanut, etc. They also played a game which consisted of finding 4 small pieces of paper in a park, on which the name of a fruit or other type of food and the names of 4 bioregionalista students had been written down. They had to find all pieces in order to not let one group of students perish from hunger. (sorry, maybe it`s just my translation that sounds weird, but I think they had fun learning.) Further, they had to explain the importance of their native foods, because Ecuador also has, besides birds and other animals, a great variety of foods and it is important to know them.

On Friday one of the students had her birthday (Raisa), so the others organized a surprise party and collected some money to buy a present. They also dedicated that afternoon to planning for what`s going to happen on Friday 22nd, as this is the date when the educational institutes celebrate Christmas, and they`ll have a get together with food and storytelling.

Translated by Tom Koblinger for Ramon

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