Bosca en Medio de las Runias trail and rail improvements continued.

December 11, 2006

Finally our damaged apartment roof got repaired at the beginning of the week. We’re really happy because after some overnight sprinkles we noticed little water puddles on the livingroom floor, and it won’t be long until the heavy rain starts.

Unfortunately volunteer Sebastian has been sick for most of the week, but we still managed to complete the basic tasks and hope he’ll be back in action with us next week.

All our sites (El Toro, La Cruz, Cherry Tree, Bosque Encantado) were watered and we’re confident that the little trees will make it, now that the rainy season is close. Further, local co-worker Jaime made maps of trees that had died over the year in Bosque Encantado, so we know their location in order to replant them. 

He also had cut a lot of stakes for us to use in the Maria Auxiliadora neighborhood park ((B. Ruinas) construction, which was our task on Tuesday and Friday. Most of the stairs and handrails have been rebuilt, which was quite hard work because of the incredibly loose ground. Also all the posts we used for building the handrails have been made termite-proof by using diesel. We’re planning on painting them next week to make them look prettier and hopefully more durable. We’d like to do some more work up there and turn the park into a nicer place, because both the people in the neighborhood and Planet Drum would benefit from it, as it could serve as a picnic-area and increase the foundation’s reputation among the people, who still don’t know a lot about our organization as we work mostly on sites out of town.

hasta luego, Tom 

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