Tom Kobilinger

Workshop/field trip to Cabo Pasado, an almost untouched Dry Tropical Forest.

By Tom Kobilinger | December 18, 2006

December 18, 2006 For repairing the Maria Auxiliadora park we needed more Muyuyo stakes, which we thankfully cut down in Ricardito Lopez` bosque (forest). We used them for building more steps and made it easier and safer to stroll around. We`re almost done with the basic improvements there, like installing stairs, handrails and clearing trails, and already plan on making it more useful by building benches […]

Bosca en Medio de las Runias trail and rail improvements continued.

By Tom Kobilinger | December 11, 2006

December 11, 2006 Finally our damaged apartment roof got repaired at the beginning of the week. We’re really happy because after some overnight sprinkles we noticed little water puddles on the livingroom floor, and it won’t be long until the heavy rain starts. Unfortunately volunteer Sebastian has been sick for most of the week, but we still managed to complete the basic tasks and hope he’ll […]

House cleaning and watering.

By Tom Kobilinger | December 3, 2006

December 3, 2006 We started the week with a house cleaning day. Then we went over to Bosque en Medio de las Ruinas (B. Ruinas), where we made a plan with Jaime concerning the work that has to be done there. For now, we decided to improve/rebuild all handrails and some sections of steps in order to make it safer to walk around the park. Tuesday […]

Fence and holes for seedlings.

By Tom Kobilinger | November 26, 2006

November 26, 2006 It’s been an interesting week of changes. On Sunday one volunteer left for an Spanish intensive course in Quito for 2 weeks, Wednesday morning brought us a new volunteer, Bienvenidos Matt, and on Thursday fellow volunteer and interim manager Dan had to fly home to the US. His great personality and horticultural knowledge certainly will be missed, thanks for everything Dan! Workwise the […]