Bioregional Education

Learning to Partner with a Life-Place

By Peter Berg | June 12, 2004

Learning to Partner With a Life-Place is the outline of a first year bioregional curriculum. It was first published June 12, 2004 as Dispatch #1 from Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador.  On a fog-wet spring morning in San Francisco, our unusual urban group climbed to the top of a rock promontory midway along a canyon trail to   get a clear view of the standout feature in […]

Eco-Ciudad Community Bioregional Education Program

By Peter Berg and Elise Braaten | March 15, 2004

Peter Berg and Elise Braaten collaborated on a neighborhood oriented educational curriculum that will be launched June 2004 by Planet Drum Foundation in Bahia de Caraquez. Objective: To develop and carry out a bioregional education program for children and adults.  It is oriented toward accomplishing ongoing projects that feature lessons, workshops and exercises based upon relationships between specific bioregional features and human economic, social and […]

Bioregionalism: An Introduction (2002)

By Peter Berg | October 27, 2002

Bioregionalism is an update of Peter’s 1983 essay Bioregions.  Why bioregions are important, clear and concise definitions, as well as manifestations of bioregionalism—groups, history, relationships to other concepts, and attacks by global monoculture.  At the end of this article is a paragraph of Berg’s from 2009 about the importance of a bioregional point of view. * * * The catastrophic effects on Earth’s biosphere due to human […]

2001 Bioregional Asia Tour: Reports by Peter Berg

By Peter Berg | August 1, 2001

Three Dispatches are below from Japan, China and Mongolia(most photos by Judy Goldhaft, some by Peter Berg and some by Kimiharu To) Bioregionalism Finds Eager Audiences In Japan Planet Drum Foundation concluded a three week, five city tour of Japan on May 30th titled “Bioregionalism: Proactive Approaches to Sharing the Earth.” Peter Berg and Judy Goldhaft presented over a dozen talks, map-making workshops, and performances of […]