Eco-Ecuador Dispatches

Writings by Peter Berg on the Eco-Ecuador project.

Tropical Winter Sketches

By Peter Berg | March 17, 2008

Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador At this moment hundreds of thousands of tons of water hyacinths are floating down Ecuadorean rivers headed for the coast. Heavy rains that flooded out the shallow places where they overgrew during summer and fall have loosened stalks and leaves in long drifting lines that now artfully illustrate the river current. Occasionally there are large patches of plants that tore away […]

September News from Judy

By Judy Goldhaft | September 22, 2007

Hola, The following is a report excerpted from letters by Judy Goldhaft that may be the closest we get to the usual Dispatch before leaving early Wednesday morning.  P & J Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador Subject: News from Ecuador 9/12/07 Yesterday Ecuador’s President Correa  came down to do a presentation of some federal funding and a ribbon -cutting ceremony for a new bridge that will cross the […]

New Accomplishments, Partial and Complete

By Peter Berg | March 22, 2007

Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador After many delays due to rain and unavailability of people or horses, Clay and I finally made a second trip to the village of Pajonal for the purpose of riding over the most promising road site to the Planet Drum land.  We began to encounter the usual obstacles immediately. At the outset there was only one horse and one burro for […]

On the Way to a Road

By Peter Berg | March 12, 2007

Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador Whenever I return to Ecuador the first real taste of the country is the Guayaquil bus terminal (terminal terrestre). Serving the biggest city in the country, it feels like the commercial district of a uniquely busy small town of its own because there are thousands of people and hundreds of seemingly permanent features such as import and export delivery businesses, vendors, […]

The Core of Eco-tourism

By Peter Berg | September 20, 2006

Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador There is an intriguing cultural paradox mixed in with the conflicted assortment of values and human experience that have evolved from contemporary globalism. How can there be “world” identity and preservation of diverse cultures at the same time? Eating fusion-nationality food, working as an importer of flowers from Ecuador, discussing Saudi Arabian Islamism, wearing running shoes made in China and a shirt […]

Reality Checks

By Peter Berg | September 12, 2006

Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador August rain is nearly unheard of during the desert-like dryness of summer and fall in Bahia de Caraquez and the State of Manabi. So when there was a week of it last month with two days of memorable monsoon downpour people were bewildered and out of their confusion sprouted divergent theories. One universally understood truth is that this is Ecuador where […]