Community Tree Planting Workshop: Pampilandia

I arranged a community tree planting workshop with residents from the Pampilandia community, which is located alongside the road to the greenhouse—approximately 6 kilometers from Bahía (2 km before the greenhouse).
One resident, Polo, in particular was very excited about the prospect of planting trees, and he helped motivate a handful of his neighbors to participate in the work. In total, 35 native fruit trees were planted on various properties throughout the neighborhood.
The residents were gracious, helpful, and interested in the work. We were delighted to be able to spend and afternoon with them planting trees.

The residents received us warmly and were interested in the work we were doing.
Matej, Bara, Sebastian, and Alina dig holes to plant trees in the Pampilandia neighborhood.
Volunteers planting trees in local residents’ backyards.
Lucas and Bara planting trees with Pampilandia residents.

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