Dia de los Arboles (Arbor Day).

May 26, 2003

When the volunteers get here they will hit the ground running. We are going to work at the greenhouse, Fanca, the Universidad, etc. Over the past week I have visited all of our projects. At the universidad, I spoke with Horatio and the head of the biology department. We are finalizing our plans to work out the watering system and a workshop with the students. Next week I meet with the students to discuss the workshop and watering procedures. I have also worked in the greenhouse with seed beds. I planted chirimoya and tamarindo. They have started coming up. These will be transplanted and taken to Fanca. I went to a meeting in Maria Auxiliadora. This was a meeting that they put together about improving the neighborhood. They would like to get the eco-kids club going again and want to know if we can participate. I worked some at Genesis [a local school]. I went there on Dia de los Arboles (Arbor Day) and planted trees with the kids. We have been composting there for about 5 weeks now.

So this is where we are at the moment. One volunteer arrives on Thursday, and the rest will be here within a week after that I think.

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