Eco-Bahia Support Group Forming

Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador Letter #1

Dear Friends,

Nicola & Dario spent several hours with Patricio, Flor-Maria & myself last night planning an Eco-Bahia Support Group meeting for later this week. A group of 50 or so including both officials and barrio leaders, youth and worker sectors will divide into committees to support aspects of eco-city such as transportation, water, etc.

They will also bring enthusiasm to the Eco-Gathering events. 

It’s an idea that will probably work here because of the local support mentioned above. Flor-Maria sent out the invitations. Nicola discussed the program which we had consulted about, but we don’t know what the current schedule is. 

As much as I want to see Cotacachi, I can’t take the weekend off because things are increasing exponentially in Bahia as you can gather from the formation of the Committee and other aspects of community involvement. We’ve done the media (radio, newspapers) here but are going to do it again. When we’re not telling everybody within earshot about eco-city, Patricio and others fill in time showing me different aspects of the bioregion and city or making plans for next week, the Eco-Gathering, and a month afterwards (so far). 

Who says there aren’t any good causes anymore? 

In diversity,


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