Fence and holes for seedlings.

November 26, 2006

It’s been an interesting week of changes. On Sunday one volunteer left for an Spanish intensive course in Quito for 2 weeks, Wednesday morning brought us a new volunteer, Bienvenidos Matt, and on Thursday fellow volunteer and interim manager Dan had to fly home to the US. His great personality and horticultural knowledge certainly will be missed, thanks for everything Dan!

Workwise the week started off with watering El Toro and digging holes and building water catchment basins for the trees which will be planted on the new site in the upcoming rainy season. At the greenhouse the plants and seedbeds got watered every day–we usually take turns in doing it, and everything looks lush and ready to be planted soon. 

Our local employee Jaime did a great job cutting 40 fenceposts at Ricardito Lopez’ finca (farm) at Bosque Encantado, which were transferred to the new site “Don Pepe” the following day. There we made use of them by starting to build a fence around the site to keep the local cows from grazing on our small trees.

On Wednesday and Thursday we split up into 2 groups, one watering La Cruz, Cherry Tree and Bosque Encantado, the other continuing work on the fence construction. The construction of the fence was finished on Friday, thanks to Jaime’s skills

Sebastian did a good job mapping the new site at Bosque Encantado both on paper and on GPS.

Hasta Luego, Tom 

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