House cleaning and watering.

December 3, 2006

We started the week with a house cleaning day. Then we went over to Bosque en Medio de las Ruinas (B. Ruinas), where we made a plan with Jaime concerning the work that has to be done there. For now, we decided to improve/rebuild all handrails and some sections of steps in order to make it safer to walk around the park.

Tuesday we split up into 2 groups, one watering El Toro, the other cutting Frutillo and Muyuyo trees in Bosque Encantado for stakes and handrails that were used at B. Ruinas the following days.

On Wednesday and Thursday La Cruz, Cherry Tree and Bosque Encantado got their share of water, while Jaime, Matt and I were improving the city park, B.Ruinas.

On Friday we all went to the park, B. Ruinas, and got a lot done, being accompanied by a young local kid called Alex, who was helping and entertaining us. In the afternoon I took Ramon and his Bioregional Education class to our greenhouse where I showed and explained them our compost facility, then everybody got involved with chopping kitchen waste and mixing it in.

Besides that, the seedbeds in the greenhouse got watered everyday, also on the weekend, and we got to see some seedlings already popping up, especially the Ceibos are doing fine.

Hasta luego, Tom

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