Lichens, orchids, the mighty Ceibos and spiders hanging from their webs.

This week we talked about the dry tropical forest and had Marcelo take us to Cerro Seco to see first hand lichens, orchids, the mighty Ceibos and spiders hanging from their webs. We were thirty this time and it seems that slowly but surely there is a self-deciding process of those truly interested in the material and projects. For homework on Tuesday they took leaves home with them to identify and learn characteristics and uses. Then when we walked through the forest they identified and presented on the plants. They are a very energetic and enthusiastic group!

Other exciting news is that there will be an Environmental Week celebration the first week of June. We are part of the planning process for this and it will include different education projects, theatre, and more!  I went to the meeting this week and suggested that the high school kids join together with the community members and not just walk around and see nature, but experience it and work for it first hand. I suggested that we all join together on the first Friday of June and have a community clean up of Bosque en Medio de las Ruinas. It was met with welcome approval and on Tuesday I will go with the leaders of PMRC and Civil Defense to see the safety factors involved in bringing a big group of high school kids there and to plan it out. So it will be a good step for the community taking charge of the project. 

We are heading to see Mike Morgan at Cerro Blanco this weekend and I look forward to getting some education material from him, gathering seeds and learning more about what he is doing there and the dry tropical forest.  

On a personal level, I am settling in nicely and really like Bahia. The apartment and volunteers are all good and we are learning to work as a team!

Hasta pronto, 

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