Kristen Lansdale

Kristen Lansdale came to Bahia in April 2005 to head our new Bioregional Education Program. She stayed six months as the Field Bioregional Education Manager and wrote 15 Reports.

Ecuador Project Report: Final report, Kristen Lansdale, Oct. 2, 2005

By Kristen Lansdale | October 2, 2005

BIRTH OF A PROJECT  When I set off for Bahia de Caraquez exactly six months ago I had no idea where I was going or what I was really being sent to do. My boss, Peter berg, told me that he was throwing me into the deep end of the pool  on this one, but I felt confident in my ability to swim,  As the idea […]

Ecuador Project All Reports: Kristen Lansdale, Apr.–Oct. 2005

By Kristen Lansdale | October 2, 2005

Kristen Lansdale, Field Bioregional Education ManagerPlanet Drum Foundation April 29, 2005 This week has been packed with activity as the bioregional education project takes flight. It seems that the program has an energy of its own as the community of Bahia welcomes the prospect of bioregional education.   This week I have been to talk to the Universidad Catolica, Universidad La Laica, Colegios Eloy Alfaro, and Fanny Baird. […]

The gas station leak.

By Kristen Lansdale | August 11, 2005

On Tuesday we had a very interesting day of class. The gas station Repsol has been leaking gas into the estuary for what seems to be about eight years, or since the earthquake. It became such a problem that they could no longer turn the blind eye and have had to close the gas station and do some major clean up. So Friends of the […]

Properties of the estuary and the contamination there.

By Kristen Lansdale | August 4, 2005

  This has been an interesting if not a bit frustrating of a week. On Tuesday I spent the better part of the afternoon planning class with Maria Elena who has done her thesis work on contamination of the Estuary Rio Chone. We had put together a presentation which when we tried to print. It wouldn’t and then the computer shut down all together. When we […]

Fanca eco kids club make recycled paper.

By Kristen Lansdale | July 29, 2005

  This week we worked with the Fanca eco kids club to make recycled paper. On Tuesday they showed us how to rip up papers, what kind to use, how to soak them, blend with aloe to make it sticky, and then use frames to create papers. We left them to dry until Thursday when we completed the project making boxes, notebooks, frames, cards etc. We […]

Students are preparing to go and talk at schools.

By Kristen Lansdale | July 21, 2005

This week in Bahia I have been focusing on educating the educators. That is to say that my students are preparing to go and talk at schools about what they have learned. The two themes are Mangroves and Dry Tropical Forests. We spent both Tuesday and Thursday preparing materials, posters and discussing activities and ways to present information.  I am working with Marcelo to organize times […]