Project Manager’s Report # 3

Jeff Goddin, Project Manager Report

Maria Auxiliadora Park:

Steps are in and signs are going in in the eight spots on the map. Community meetings are going well, with a couple tours already given, and many people beginning to come together to talk about ideas that have been around before. This means, that people are talking about an interpretive center, t-shirts or something for tour guides, and putting together a community tour. Old video footage was found that could contribute to a video display, for instance. Maria Auxiliadora and San Roque are barrios involved, understanding that Maria Auxiliadora is actually 4 barrios, with the park area basically an old one with only the casa blanca and the one family living up there. 


Fanca is waiting for more seedlings to be planted. Haven’t had good results with the Pechiche seeds, it appears they were rotted. Unsure how community organizing is going towards forming an association or even getting a group of people together from the community to work voluntarily in the patio. Unsure about relationship to Eco-club. 

(Significantly, it appears that the USAID project will add to and in some ways replace Fanca Produce. USAID will be spending $250,000 on a Canton-wide waste separation and reclycling project, with centralized composting near the current landfill and in up to 3 other places, including km 16 (with our people) and in Charapoto and San Isidro. This means market waste will probably not be collected for Fanca into the future, and that Fanca along with the rest of Canton Sucre will receive new separation containers and will be integrated into the Canton-wide waste disposal system. This is a future development, and so is unsure). 

Composting piles look good and growing. I am finally getting worms this Sunday to start one bed, and then grow into the others. Roof up on shade shelter. 


Los Caras people will be helping plant as I described before, 12 worker days for $100. Universidad Catolica is working with us on the greenhouse, and will be checking on seedlings, etc. Matt’s fundraising will allow us to get a greenhouse up, with money left over for a sign for MA park. Have not started talking with other land owners. 

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