Properties of the estuary and the contamination there.

  This has been an interesting if not a bit frustrating of a week. On Tuesday I spent the better part of the afternoon planning class with Maria Elena who has done her thesis work on contamination of the Estuary Rio Chone. We had put together a presentation which when we tried to print. It wouldn’t and then the computer shut down all together. When we tried to start class the guy who opens the room wasn’t to be found and to top it all of a large number of my students couldn’t come because they had another project to work on. So I had to reschedule class.

On Wednesday I went to Rambuche where I am helping Varon teach a school way up in the mountains where there are two grades and about twenty students up to the age of 18. I am helping him teach ecological education, English and art once a week. To get there I ride my bike to a boat to the bus then walk to where I ride a horse up the mountain. Quite a journey!

Today we had class and went out with the civil defense and Maria Elena to see first hand the different characteristics and properties of the estuary and the contamination there. It went very well and we were able to consolidate the theory and practice into one. I hope that we will be able to go out again soon to talk to fisherman about the nets they use, fish they catch and their experience with the estuary.

I have been planning with Marcelo Luque to prepare my students to start teaching in the elementary schools and that is going well. That aspect of the project continues. I also spoke with the mayor today about finding a wall to do a mural using recycled art materials (glass, ceramic, stone, shell etc.) involving protecting our natural resources.


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