Raise the Stakes #13: NATURE IN CITIES

Nature In Cities

Circles of Correspondence (Regional Reports)

  • Doug Aberley—Windy Bay Journal
  • Brian Tokar—Gulf of Maine Bioregional Congress
  • Peter Garland—Tarascan Music in Michoacán


  • Cities Within Nature, Beryl Migilavy
  • Nature Returns to English Cities, David Goode
  • The Green City as a Thriving City, David Morris
  • Nature Recycling in Asian Cities, Christine Furedy

Weaving Alliances

  • Pacific Coast
    • East Bay Green Alliance, Oakland, CA
    • MapWorks, Santa Cruz, CA
    • Northern California Greens, Oakland, CA
    • Threshold, San Francisco, CA
  • Pacific Mountains
  • Basin and Range
    • Hopi Epicentre for International Outreach, Flagstaff, AZ
  • Rocky Mountains
    • Deep Bioregional Action Examiner And Green Hippie Intelligencer,
    • El Prado, NM
  • Mexican Cordillera
    • IMETA
  • Great Plains
    • Heartland center for spirituality, Great Bend, KS
    • Kaw Valley Permaculture, Lawrence, KS
  • Great Lakes and Mississippi Basin
  • Atlantic Mountains
    • New Land Trust, Saranac, NY
  • Atlantic Coast
    • The North Shore Environmental Web, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Other Continents
    • CENECOS, Buenos Aires, Argentina
    • CETAAR, Buenos Aires, Argentina
    • Museu Mborore, Argentina
    • Projecto Technologias Alternativas, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Ask Loki


  • Bioregional Poetry Project
  • The 7th Assembly of the Fourth World

Reviews: Riffs, Reads & Reels
Reviewed by Beryl Magilway

  • Waking up in the Nuclear Age

Reviewed by Robert C. Watts

  • Echnology

Reviewed by Jerry Martien

  • Marking the Magic Circle

Reviewed by Mary Gomes

  • Ecocity Berkeley

Planet Drum Pulse
Stakes Raisers and Planet Drum adventures in and out of the office.

Planet Drum Publications
Activities, how to get involved, items for sale and masthead.


  • An egret in urban setting photo, Ed Buryn
  • Aztec dancers, Carlos Montoya
  • English Bluebell diagram
  • Community Gardening photo, Ed Buryn
  • Price vs. Cost political cartoon, Leonard Rifas
  • Collecting mango seeds, Institut Teknologi Bandung
  • Sewing-using fishpond in Calcutta, Christine Furedy
  • Photo of Haida native, Doug Aberley
  • Photo of Haida natives, Doug Aberley
  • Queen Charlotte Islands map, Bill Quesada
  • Canadian Shield map, Bill Quesada
  • Map of Michocan, Bill Quesada

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