Raise the Stakes #14: BORDERS


Circles of Correspondence (Regional Reports)

  • Flavia Destefanis (translation)—Observation for New Millennium Bioregional Manifesto from the Mediterranean Basin: Italy
  • Josep Puig—Bioregionalism in the Mediterranean Basin: Catalonia
  • Jeffrey Martz—Poverty in the Dominican Republic Is


  • Issue Overview, Peter Berg
  • Crossing Borders for the Third North American Bioregional Congress, Judith Plant
  • Walking the Border between Native and Non-native Cultures, Malcolm Margolin interviewed by Peter Berg
  • Ask Dr. Coyote (News from Native California, September/October 1988)
  • Distance Disease, Border and Deep Communication, Stephen Duplantier
  • On Bioregional Boundaries, David McCloskey
  • Boundary Crossing between Wilderness & Civilization, Dolores LaChapelle
  • Getting over the Distance Between Us, Jerry Martien
  • Nature in Art: Declaring a Bioregional Territory, Beryl Magilavy

Weaving Alliances

  • Pacific Coast
    • The Anchorage Biregional Network, Anchorage, AK
    • Big Mountain Support Network, San Francisco, CA
  • Basin and Range
    • Threshold International Center for Environmental Renewal, Bisbee, AZ
  • Rocky Mountains
    • Slocan Valley Watershed Alliance, Winslaw, B.C., Canada
  • Mexican Cordillera
    • HUEHUECOYOTL A.C., Morelos, Mexico
  • Colorado Plateau
    • Big Mountain Support Network, Flagstaff, AZ
  • Great Lakes
  • Mississippi Basin
    • The National Water Center, Eureka Springs, AR
  • Gulf Coast
    • Delta Greens and the Center for Gulf South History and Culture, Inc,
  • New Orleans, LA
  • Atlantic Mountains
  • Atlantic Coast
    • Learning Alliance, New York, NY
  • Other Continents

Getting Over the Distance Between Us, Jerry Martien


  • Suzanne Richmond (NABC III Culture Committee)
  • Emilia Hazelip (Permaculture Pyrenees)

Reviews: Riffs, Reads & Reels
Reviewed by Paul Ryan

  • The Ecology Movement Is Becoming A Learning Alliance, contact Davide Levine

Reviewed by The Great Blue Heron

  • Sacred Land Sacred Sex Rapture of the Deep, by Dolores LaChapelle

Reviewed by Peter Berg and Judy Goldhaft

  • The Greening of the Cities, by David Nicholson-Lord
  • Urban Wilderness, by Jean Gardner

Reviewed by Marie Dolcini

  • Your Water Your Life, produced by Interest Video Network

Planet Drum Pulse by The Staff
Stake Raisers and Planet Drum adventures in and out of the office.

Planet Drum Publications
Activities, how to get involved, items for sale and masthead.


  • Good for one fare, cover piece, Amir Bey, border: Peter Danher, photo: Spencer Richards
  • Morning drum circle, NABC III, Seth Zuckerman
  • Malcolm Margolin and Peter Berg, Judy Goldhaft
  • Malcolm Margolin, Judy Goldhaft
  • Bell Telephone System Ad, 1962
  • Defoliated borderline – U.S. – Canada, David McCloskey
  • The edge between Cascadia and Great Basin, David McCloskey
  • Multiple black and white graphics by David LaChapelle
  • Green Wing Shield, fresco by Philip McCracken, Blake Grimstein
  • Iberian Peninsula map, Judy Goldhaft
  • Catalonia as a bioregion maps, Judy Goldhaft
  • Nomads making charcoal from illegally-cut wood, Jeffrey Martz
  • First water from new aqueduct, Jeffrey Martz
  • Map of North, Central and South America, Judy Goldhaft

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