Raise the Stakes #21: Bioregional Culture

Bioregional Culture: A look at several unique bioregions in the articles within this issue, from India to Silverton, Colorado. What bioregionalism means to different people and its significance in determining one’s own place. Circles of Correspondence: Oak Ridges Moraine, Aquaterra, Mexico, Intertribal Indian Park. Reads & Reads, Green City Report, Planet Drum Publications.

Bioregional Culture

Bioregional Culture, Drawing to Scale, Marie Dolcini

Circles of Correspondence (Regional Reports)

  • John R. Fisher—Oak Ridges Moraine Speaks Out
  • Barbara Harmony—Aquaterra: Water Concepts for the Ecological Society
  • Alberto Ruz Buenfil—Bioregional Vision & Victory in Mexico
  • The InterTribal Sinkyone Wilderness Council—The Notion of an InterTribal Indian Park


  • Reflecting Within the Bioregional Homeplace, Marnie Muller
  • Resonance of Place (Confessions of an Out-of-Town Composer), John Luther Adams
  • Soul Search Spans Subcontinent, Stephanie Mills
  • ʢDe Donde Vienes? (Where Do You Come From?), Olga Loya
  • Keeping Warm in Avalanche Country, Dolores LaChapelle
  • Kill the Cowboy: A Battle of Mythology in the West, Sharman Apt Russell
  • Bioregional Industries Meet Socially Responsible Investing, Brian Hill
  • Bioregional Culture Q & A, Craig Dremann
  • Voice of the Turtle North American Bioregional Congress News, Regional Reports
  • Lawless’ Letter Reaches VOT, Gary Lawless
  • Introducing the Turtle Island Network of Bioregional Resource Centers, Christopher Lowry plus a List of Groups in the Network with contact information

Labrador South, Gary Lawless
Taking All the Iron Out (For Otto), Roger Dunsmore

Weaving Alliances

  • Pacific Coast-Groups
    • Bioregional Study Circle, Los Angeles Biodiversity Project, Topanga, CA
  • Pacific Coast-Publications
    • The Cascadia Link, Cascadia Education Project, Portland, OR
  • Great Plains-Publications
    • Yuwitaya Lakota. Rapid City, SD
  • Great Lakes-Publications
    • EcoCity Cleveland, Cleveland Heights, OH
  • Atlantic Coast-Groups
    • The Alliance for a Paving Moratorium, Fredericksburg, VA
    • EcoVillage at Ithaca, Ithaca, NY
    • Save the Pine Bush, Inc., Albany, NY
  • Europe-Publications
    • Lato Selvatico Newsletter, Mantova, Italy
  • Other Continents-Publications
    • Inhabit, A Bioregional Journal, Northcote, Victoria, Australia


  • Planet Drum, Twenty Years Drumming, 20th birthday party Sept. 25th, 1993
  • Friends of the Trees Society, TERN—Travelers’ Earth Repair Network
  • IEAN, Call for Geo-Artists
  • American Indian Movement, Historic Testimony on Tape
  • Jerry, Chris, Carl, Living River Journey

Reviews: Riffs, Reads & Reels
Reviewed by Ralph Metzner

  • The Voice of the Earth by Theodore Roszak

Reviewed by Kari Norborg Carter

  • Ancient Forests: Learning From Ladakh by Helena Norberg-Hodge

Reviewed by Peter Berg

  • Video Mind, Earth Mind: Art, Communications & Ecology by Paul Ryan

Green City Report by The Planet Drum Staff

Planet Drum Pulse by Nancy Heil
Stake Raisers and Planet Drum adventures in and out of the office.

Planet Drum Publications
Activities, how to get involved, items for sale and masthead.


  • Philip McCracken & cedar, Cascadia Bioregion, detail of Bird on the Highway (front cover) (photo)
  • Jon Reis, Nest of seven swing handle baskets (Reflecting Within the Bioregional Homeplace) (photo)
  • David Rosenthal, Morning—Anaktuvuk Pass (Resonance of Place) (painting)
  • Jamie de Argulo, Pit River Gambling Song (Resonance of Place) (graphic)
  • Graphic: Black bird (Soul Search Spans Subcontinent)
  • Judy Goldhaft, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Tibet (Soul Search Spans Subcontinent) (map)
  • Thupstan, Courtesy of the Ladakh Project (Soul Search Spans Subcontinent) (graphic)
  • Lorraine Miller (ʢDe Donde Vienes?) (photo)
  • John Rodriguez, Sharing stories together (ʢDe Donde Vienes?) (photo)
  • Greg Cumberford, Collecting Firewood (Keeping Warm in Avalanche Country) (photo)
  • Graphics: 2 whales (Labrador South)
  • Marianna Temte-Long, Cowboys on the Range (Kill the Cowboy) (graphic)
  • Sandy Simonson, Gold Double Eagle (Bioregional Industries Meet Socially Responsible Investing) (graphic)
  • Graphic: Plants (Bioregional Culture Q & A)
  • Graphic: Northwest Native American Turtle symbol (Voice of the Turtle)
  • Graphic: Circles of Correspondence logo
  • Location maps (Circles of Correspondence)
  • Judy Goldhaft, Oak Ridges Moraine (Circles of Correspondence) (map)
  • Graphic: Native American dancer (Circles of Correspondence)

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