Food as Place: Bioregional Agriculture: This issue focuses on agriculture as a multinational business and provides alternatives which directly relate to bioregionalism. Methods and benefits of locally-grown foods and gardens. Features include A Garden Growing Wild; Eating Our Teachers: Local Food, Local Knowledge; and Linking Plant Homelands and Human Homelands. Juan-Tomas Rehbock’s report on organic agriculture in Argentina, book reviews, Circles of Correspondence and Planet Drum PULSE.

Food As Place: Bioregional Agriculture

Food As Place, Editorial, Joshua Wilson

Circles of Correspondence (Regional Reports)

  • Joel Russ—A Fall Fair in the Slocan Valley, British Columbia
  • Linzy Emery—Report From Hanoi
  • Cam Walker—A Bioregional Movement in Australia?
  • Beatrice Briggs—Great Lakes Bioregional Congress


  • A Garden Growing Wild: The Promise of a Bioregional Agriculture, Peter Berg
  • A Visit to the Supermarket, Peter Berg
  • Linking Plant Homelands and Human Homelands: Horticultural
  • Practices of California Indian Tribes, M. Kat Anderson
  • The Soil Garden, Jim Nollman
  • Soil Fertility, Jim Nollman
  • Eating Our Teachers: Local Food, Local Knowledge, Marti Crouch
  • Committee Sponsored Agriculture, Hugh Lovel, Katuah Journal
  • Letter From Blanco, Texas, Patricia Du Bose
  • Glimpses of IPM, Integral Pest Management, Patricia Du Bose
  • Singing Up the Corn: The Survival of Indigenous Bioregional Farming in the American Southwest, Kevin Dahl & Ralph Sullivan
  • Organic Agriculture in Argentina, Juan-Tomas Rehbock
  • First Permaculture Course in the Southern Cone (Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia & Chile), Michael Pilarski
  • Slackers Go South, Seth Zuckerman, Pam McCann & Greg Suba
  • Planet Drum Foundation’s 20th Birthday Bash by Mark Miller with selections from Birthday Greetings

Zuni Chant, Marcy Keegan
Korosta Katzina Song, Hope song translated by Natalie Curtis
Singing Up the Corn, Papago (Tohono O’odham) corn songs, collected by Ruth Underhill

Weaving Alliances

  • North America-Pacific Coast
    • News From Native California, Berkeley, CA
  • Pacific Mountains
    • Sandy Bar Ranch, Orleans, CA
  • Basin and Range
    • Tierra Madre, Guanajurato, Mexico
  • Great Lakes
    • The Cottonwood Foundation, White Bear Lake, MN
  • Atlantic Coast
    • NorEaster Society, Westerly, RI
  • Europe
    • Ecology and Freedom, Magazine of the Social Ecology Network, London, England
  • Asia & the Pacific
    • Asia-Pacific People’s Environment Network, Penang, Malaysia


  • Domaine Des Cormettes, France, Educational Opportunity
  • Upriver Downriver, Attention Upriver Downriver Subscribers
  • Planet Drum, For More Information, Sustainable agriculture resources
  • Gary Lawless, Poems for the Wild Earth

Reviews: Riffs, Reads & Reels

Reviewed by Peter Berg

  • Boundaries of Home, edited by Doug Aberley

Reviewed by Bice C. Wilson AIA

  • Noah’s Garden—Restoring the Ecology of Our Own Back Yards by Sara Stein

Reviewed by Freeman House

  • Kill the Cowboy by Sharman Apt Russell

Green City Report by Sabrina Merlo
Green City/urban sustainability activities in the SF Bay Area.

Planet Drum Pulse by Debbie Hubsmith
Stake Raisers and Planet Drum adventures in out of the office.

Voice of the Turtle by Seth Zuckerman, Pam McCann and Greg Suba

  • Sixth Turtle Island Bioregional Gathering
  • Slackers Go South

Planet Drum Publications
Activities, how to get involved, items for sale and masthead.


  • Lucy Hilmer, Dreaming Sunflowers (front cover) & Sunflowers at Seed (back cover)
  • Judy Goldhaft (photo); Peter Danaber (collage) (A Garden Growing Wild)
  • Edward H. Davis, Courtesy of the Museum of the American Indian, Kumayaay woman… (photo) (Linking Plant Homelands and Human Homelands)
  • Dr. Daniel L. Dindal from Ecology of Compost, (graphic) Food Web of the Compost Pile (The Soil Garden)
  • Graphics 2: Wendy Wells, pawpaws or bananas? & steaming pie (Eating Our Teachers…)
  • Graphic: Patricia Du Bose (Letter From Blanco, Texas)
  • Graphics 3: Rebecca Olson (Singing Up the Corn)
  • Graphic: Kay Mirocha (Singing Up the Corn)
  • Willow trees on bank of lagoon (photo) (Organic Agriculture in Argentina)
  • Location maps (Circles of Correspondence)
  • Mark Miller (photo) (Planet Drum Foundation’s 20th Birthday Bash)
  • Shafi Hakim, Planet Drum staff (photo)
  • Pam McCann. Puppet Show on Recycling (Slackers Go South)

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