Ramon’s Bioregional Education Project

November 26, 2006

On the 15th of November the Bioregional Course started and students from Bahia, Leonidas Plaza and San Vicente participated. On their first day they learned what a Bioregion is and about its importance for sustainable development. Further, they worked out a series of questions and answers and put them in an Ecogram.

On Friday 17th they all went up to the La Cruz outlook, where the Rio Chone bioregion can be viewed, to see in the field what they had learned in the lesson before.

“Bioregión es una zona donde hay varios recursos, donde nos podemos dar la libertad de sembrar plantas y árboles cuantas veces queremos. Además podemos observar los diversos animales q’se encuentran en la zona.” Jovenes Bioregionalistas, Bahia

November 22, 24, 2006. They continued talking about what a bioregion consists of and Ramon taught the students about the importance of soil. They discussed the different types of soil and their permeability.

On Friday they went hiking around the hills that surround Bahia for 2 hours in order to investigate the different types of soil about which they had been taught on Wednesday. The students found out that the soil in this area is very poor in nutritients and in danger of erosion.

The young Bioregionalistas developed a unique greeting which consists of a special sequence of clapping hands and fists with “high fives” to each other. Furthermore they would like to get t-shirts printed with a special logo.

Translated by Tom Koblinger for Ramon

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