Students made their own bioregional maps.

The seeds that we collected for the seed art mainly were jaboncillo and maracuyá. They also collected some seeds that I unfortunately didn´t write down so I will try to keep better track of details next time. 

This week we did some review of plant zones. I taught my students some English words such as plant, trail, pollution, grow, forest, environment etc. which they loved. Since Tuesday fell on the solstice I gave them an explanation of what that meant using two volunteers and a volleyball to represent the earth. We discussed the solstice in relation to living in your bioregion and how in some places it marks a day of total light or total dark for 24 hours and how that plays a big part in society, culture and environment. We of course also discussed why it is not really even marked here on the Equator. On Thursday we climbed up to a lookout point and the students made their own bioregional maps of Bahia and the estuary of Rio Chone. They are lovely and it started many discussions of the resources here, sources of contamination and means of protection. 

The group is very enthusiastic and wants to get more involved doing projects in the community. I hope to have them go to some schools soon and do education projects with younger kids as well as in the greater community of Canton Sucre. 

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