Summer 2007 Introductory Bioregional Class: Aquatic Ecosystems

Ramon’s Weekly Report #10

Bioregionalism Education
Summer Session 2007

August 15th & 17th

Bioregionalism resumed classes after vacations from regular school were ended. The theme for the week was aquatic ecosystems. We began by differentiating between continental and marine ecosystems. The students divided into two groups to go over the materials I passed out. They discussed these materials and then made presentations to each other on what they had learned. The first group presented on marine waters. They explained how a third of the Earth is covered in water and the large diversity of species that live in the oceans. One of the students, Raisa, also talked about how one of the current problems in Ecuador is a new Presidential decree that allows for the hunting of sharks. The other group presented on the continental waters: rivers streams, lakes and lagoons. They distinguished between moving waters like rivers and bodies of water such as lakes, and how water in motion has a higher quantity of oxygen. After both groups presented on what they had studied, they selected photos from all of the classes to use for a display in an upcoming open house.

Friday afternoon we were only able to meet for a shortened class because the students were preparing for a school performance that evening. But we talked briefly about the relation between humans and the ecosystems studied in Wednesday’s class. We are completely dependent on the world’s aquatic ecosystems and they might be destroyed if there aren’t stronger environment protection laws.

Translated by Clay Plager-Unger

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