Summer 2007 Introductory Bioregional Class: Mangroves

Ramon’s Weekly Report #9

Bioregionalism Education
Summer Session 2007

June 25th & 27th

The theme for Wednesday’s class was Mangroves. First I asked them how much they knew about Mangrove trees and how many types they could name. Everyone had a basic understanding of Mangrove trees at the beginning of class. During the class, I explained to them the importance of these trees in the estuary and watershed of Bahia. I talked about how Mangroves filter water and the large variety of birds, bats, snakes and aquatic animals that live in them. I also explained the differences between the different types of Mangroves: Red, White, Black, and Concha.

On Friday we took a fieldtrip to Isla Corazon, where we saw lots of Frigata birds, which were showing off their red pouches since it is mating season. We hiked through the Mangroves to try to identify all of the different types that we talked about in Wednesday’s class. 

We didn’t get to find all of the types because it was so muddy that in parts we had to crawl through the mud just to move around. 

Translated by Clay

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