Summer 2007 Introductory Bioregional Class: Defining & Observing the Bioregion

Ramon Loor’s Weekly Report #2

Bioregionalism Education
Summer Session 2007

June 6th & 8th

This week we split into three work groups of bioregionalista students to analyze an article by Peter Berg about bioregionalism from their booklets. During their discussion they made many conclusions, but also had a lot of questions about what a bioregion is and the Eco-city. Some of the students asked why Bahia is called an eco-city if it doesn’t look like it. I answered that this is a process and that the changes don’t happen immediately. The objective is to have the majority of people who live here develop a conservation consciousness and not to contaminate their environment. Also that it is now part of the students mission to help disseminate the information that they are learning in this class to their friends and families.

On Friday we took a trip to Leonidas Plaza for a walking tour through the neighborhood as we made our way back towards Bahia. The students noticed a lot of garbage along the road that goes to the beach. They also observed many birds, of which the species that caught their attention the most were the “lincheros,” because of their color and song. We saw many varieties of trees. We even found a shark’s tooth lodged in a rock. One of the objectives of our trip was to prepare ourselves for the next class when students will have to make drawings of their own bioregions, remembering everything they saw while on the walking tour.

Translated by Clay

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