Summer 2007 Introductory Bioregional Class: Bioregional Presentations & Visit to a Nature Preserve

Ramon Loor’s Weekly Report #4

Bioregionalism Education
Summer Session 2007

June 20th & 22nd

This week we almost completed assignments in the Bioregional booklets. All that’s left is to do the activities. On Wednesday we focused on detailing the themes of bioregionalism, such as climate, water and watersheds, culture, etc. We made three groups as usual and with the help of a couple of Planet Drum volunteers, reviewed the topics among groups. Unfortunately this day was short because all of the students have lots of homework from their regular school and were unable to analyze and synthesize all the themes.

On Friday the students and two of the Planet Drum volunteers hiked through the trails of the Cerro Seco nature preserve. It was a fast trip. On the ridge of the hill there is a resting spot and we sat there and finished the work that was left over from Wednesday’s class. Group One began with a presentation by Anita and Mateo who talked about the need to protect the environment, have a culture of recycling, and make good use of waste, and about how the garbage separation program of the city does not work but should be working. Group Two also had an excellent presentation, in which they highlighted everything that we must be done to be able to live in a region. Then Group Three talked about the use of contaminating vehicles, especially the buses that take people to the Leonidas Plaza suburb of Bahia. They also talked about the different types of alternative energy. In conclusion they said we need to live in harmony with nature.

Translated by Clay.

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