Summer 2007 Introductory Bioregional Class: Characteristics of the Bioregion

Ramon Loor’s Weekly Report #5

Bioregionalism Education
Summer Session 2007

June 27th & 29th  

On Wednesday we all sat down in a circle and began to explain the work of the day, which was to synthesize the entire Bioregionalismo booklet. We have covered everything in it except to elaborate some of the answers to questions. Emily and Laura arrived a little late to class, but when they showed up we formed our three work groups. In the groups we discussed the importance of knowing the characteristics of the bioregion and how to live within it. Class was a little short because the students had a lot of homework, but were able realize the objective of the day, which was to reach a general conclusion.

On Friday each of the groups gave conclusions from Wednesday’s class. Once again everyone said that we need to live in harmony with nature, which means respecting the environment, not polluting, and not cutting trees, etc. We also began the next topic in the class which is soil. We talked about the types of soil that are present in this region. To show the class what layers of soil there are, we went for a walk down the beach south of Bahia. Where the water meets the land, the earth is cut and you can see the different layers of soil below the ground. We were going to walk back on a trail through the mountains, but the students saw a snake, and left running, throwing down everything they were carrying. It was actually a very fun day.

There are new kids from a different high school that would like to be part of our class. I told them that this was fine. Next week we will talk about the birds in the estuary.

Translated by Clay.

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