Summer 2007 Introductory Bioregional Class: Birds & the Estuary

Ramon Loor’s Weekly Report #6

Bioregionalism Education
Summer Session 2007

July 4th & 6th

On Wednesday I talked to the class for twenty minutes about birds and their importance in this bioregion, especially the birds that can be found in the Rio Chone Estuary. I explained the principal characteristics of the birds, the different species, their songs, and reproduction, etc.

Then we split into work groups. One group went with Angela (Planet Drum volunteer) and the other with me. After working in groups, students gave short presentations on the topics they analyzed.

On Friday we left the dock in Bahia in a rented boat to take a field trip to Isla de Los Pajaros (Island of the Birds) in order to observe the different types of birds that live there. We went with all the volunteers from Planet Drum and our friend Cheo who gave a tour of the island and explained more about the birds. The kids got to walk through Mangrove trees and saw lots of birds.

It was a really fun and great day.

Translated by Clay.

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