Summer 2007 Introductory Bioregional Class: Flora, Trees & Tee Shirts

Ramon Loor’s Weekly Report #7

Bioregionalism Education
Summer Session 2007

July 11th & 13th  

This week on Wednesday I was surprised when all of the students showed up to class early to begin work. The theme for the day was flora. We talked about the flora in this area and the different species of trees that are here. We were able to relate this class to the previous one, about the different birds in this region. We also talked about the problem of deforestation, and how the majority of the land surrounding us has been deforested. I explained how trees maintain soil stability and integrity with their roots and the decomposition of fallen leaves, in addition to providing habitats for birds and animals. It’s because of these important reasons that there are groups such as Planet Drum and the Consejo Provicial that have reforestation projects. After class we took a walk around Bahia and ended on the ocean wall overlooking the water and watched the sunset.

On Friday we met up with Melissa and Angela, Planet Drum volunteers, to go on a hike up to the La Cruz overlooking Bahia. From there it was possible to visit one of the reforestation sites that Planet Drum has on a nearby hillside. The students could see the trees that Planet Drum planted in order to help prevent further erosion and so that more biodiversity can return to the area. On the way home we stopped by the store for tee-shirts where the students picked out the shirts that this group of students will wear for their bioregionalismo group.

Translated by Clay.

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