This week’s Bioregional Education topic was Compost.

December 3, 2006

This week’s Bioregional Education topic was Compost.

On Wednesday they started off with a brainstorming on organic and inorganic waste, then Ramon taught them about the process, including different types and importance of composting. Further, he discussed the importance of separating organic from inorganic waste.

Friday was a fun day when we all (Ramon, 16 Bioregionalistas, Jeff from Peace Corps and myself) took a bus to km8 to our vivero (greenhouse) and got our hands dirty chopping up and mixing compost. The kids were very energetic, they all got involved and took a lot of pictures.

Concerning the T-shirts, the students were all excited about this idea and decided to pay for 2 shirts each themselves, a white one for class days and a black one for working in the field. The shirts will be ready on Wednesday, with the Planet Drum sign (North and South America) and letters on the front side, and BIOREGIONALISTAS on the back. Ramon and I will get one too…

hasta luego,

Translated by Tom (Koblinger) for Ramon

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