Tree Production at the Greenhouse

At Planet Drum’s main greenhouse at the Catholic University, we began transplanting seedlings that were large enough to be moved into repurposed plastic bottles. Compost was sifted and soil was mixed with rice hulls, which had recently been delivered from a rice processor in Charapoto. The rice hulls help with soil aeration and filtration.

Volunteers cut recycled plastic bottles to convert them into containers for the trees and filled them with soil. Then the largest seedlings from all four elevated seedbeds were transplanted into the bottles.

With nine volunteers working, we were able to transplant approximately 500 seedlings during a few days.

Volunteers organize recently transplanted seedlings at the greenhouse.
Volunteers transplanting Tamarind seedlings at the greenhouse.
Sebastian and Matej mix rill hulls into a pile of sifted compost.
Delphine, Lucas, and Eva fill bottles with soil.
Bara, Alina, Lucas, and Eva cut recycled plastic bottles.

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