Update on Eco Ecuador Project by Peter Berg

November 29, 2004

Dear Friend of Planet Drum Foundation,

Thanks for the generous support from those who responded to our recent mailing.

We are glad to say that things are moving along very well toward reorganizing Planet Drum. Preparation of a Strategic Plan for completion by February is already underway. New members are being added to the Board of Directors, and we are building both a new Advisory Board and Advisory Council. 

The following is a recent report from Renee Portanova, Field Projects Manager of Planet Drum’s ecological city activities in Bahia de Craquez, Ecuador. Normally these reports are only posted on our web site. This one contains particularly promising information about the range and success of our work there. It is also pertinent to some of the educational goals featured in our reorganization plans.

Some Bahia highlights. Several new revegetation sites for erosion mitigation and habitat restoration in the Rio Chone watershed are being added to the four that already exist. One is at a high school and involves direct student participation from the onset. There are five new volunteers actively working at this time who are staying in the Planet Drum quarters. As usual, it is an international crew and they learn while working. The greenhouse is full of native seedlings ready to plant. (Seven hundred will be moved into sites when the rains are heavy enough.) Practical planning for the Renewable Energy Project is getting underway, and it may be incorporated into the Bioregional Education Program.

Enjoy the details in Renee’s lively account. Your support makes this work possible. If you haven’t had an opportunity to make a year-end donation, please take the opportunity now. Thanks.

In diversity,
Peter Berg, Director
Planet Drum Foundation
PO Box 31251
San Francisco CA 94131 USA

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