Workshop/field trip to Cabo Pasado, an almost untouched Dry Tropical Forest.

December 18, 2006

For repairing the Maria Auxiliadora park we needed more Muyuyo stakes, which we thankfully cut down in Ricardito Lopez` bosque (forest). We used them for building more steps and made it easier and safer to stroll around. We`re almost done with the basic improvements there, like installing stairs, handrails and clearing trails, and already plan on making it more useful by building benches and tables, but it depends on how much time the rain gives us. Furthermore we painted the new handrails in green and yellow (colors from the Ecuadorian flag), and I have to say that they look very inviting to be used!

All of our sites were watered, but with El Toro there was a little problem. There was almost no water left in the tank last week, so we decided to bring our own in containers and hitched a ride with our local friend Ricardito. As usual, we had to take a taxi to Cherry Tree with our water bottles, because no water source is available there.

On Wednesday we sowed more seeds, Algorobo, Bototillo, Guayacan, Terramonte and Pechiche, and we`re looking forward to see them sprout.

On Saturday and Sunday, Marcelo Luque from Cerro Seco invited us on a workshop/field trip to Cabo Pasado, which is less than an hour north of San Vicente across the river from Bahia. Four of us Planet Drum volunteers and about 15 other people from the area and Quito participated. There we got to see , observed howler monkeys, woodpeckers and hummingbirds, and enjoyed camping on the beach next to a bonfire.

hasta luego, Tom

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