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Planet Drum staff contribute a wide variety of reports and writeups to the organizational website.

Raise the Stakes #30: RAISE THE STAKES Anthology II: Eco-Realism about Water, Food, Cities

By Planet Drum Staff | January 1, 2000

Eco-Realism about Water, Food, CitiesRaise the Stakes Anthology II EditorialRAISE THE STAKES Did Just That, Peter Berg (Final issue and recap of RTS history) ArticlesIssues/Insights Cities/Urban Sustainability Water Bioregional Agriculture Special Report:Ecuador Green City Revisited, August ’99, Peter Berg Announcements Reviews: Riffs, Reads & ReelsReads Reviewed by Peter Berg Reviewed by Beatrice Briggs Reviewed by Ocean Berg ReelsReviewed by Judy Goldhaft Other Notable Books: Green […]

Green City Project: Eco-Art Contest (a photo essay)

By Planet Drum Staff | March 21, 1999

Green City Project’s Eco-Art Contest was celebrated at SOMAR Gallery on March 21, 1999. Thirteen Middle and High Schools in San Francisco participated by submitting over 75 eco-art and recycled art entries. Prizes were given out for 18 entries, some of which were collaborative class projects. Prizes and refreshments were graciously donated by University Art Supply, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Odwalla, Ultimate Cookie and Rainbow […]

Raise the Stakes #29: Raise The Stakes Anthology I: A Deep (ecology) Breath Before 2000

By Planet Drum Staff | January 1, 1999

“A Deep (ecology) Breath Before 2000”: Celebrate 20 years of Raise the Stakes with an inside view of the history of the bioregional movement. A Deep (ecology) Breath Before 2000Raise the Stakes Anthology I Editorial Articles Cultural Critiques Issues/Insights Life-Place Education Organizing Bioregional Groups PoetryYou Can Say That, Duncan McNaughton, Announcements Reviews: Riffs, Reads & ReelsReadsReviewed by Peter Berg Reviewed by Jerry Martien Reviewed by […]

Raise the Stakes #28: Reinhabitation or Global Monoculture?

By Planet Drum Staff | March 21, 1998

Reinhabitation or Global Monoculture?Postcards from the Underside of the Nagano Olympics EditorialA Global View from a Desert Mountain, Heather Abel Circles of Correspondence (Regional Reports) Articles Announcements Reviews: Riffs, Reads & ReelsReadsReviewed by Michael Phillips Reviewed by Jean Lindgren Reviewed by Sabrina Merlo ReelsReviewed by Peter Berg Reviewed by Seth Zuckerman Green City Report by Gia Nicole GrantGreen City/urban sustainability activities in the SF Bay […]

Bay Area Permaculture Guild: Shasta Bioregional Gathering 5

By Planet Drum Staff | December 1, 1997

Capital Press: Klamath River Interests Pool Ideas

By Planet Drum Staff | September 19, 1997