Dispatches From The Road and Reports of Actions

In his numerous peregrinations, Peter sent us dispatches from distant bioregions, our eyes and ears, a sort-of latter-day combination of Darwin (as chronicler of minute botanical/zoological detail) and Bakunin (as pollinator of the Reinhabitory Movement).

Bioregionalism Meets Local Autonomy in Mexico reports on the November 1996 Turtle Island Bioregional Gathering (TIBG) in Tepoztlán, Mexico. 

1999-1010 index of Ecuador Dispatches

August 2001: Reports from the Planet Drum Bioregional Asia Tour Japan, China, Mongolia

Autumn 2004: Japan Dispatches, 2004

Summer 2005: Japan Dispatches, 2005

October 2005:  Report from Planet Drum Foundation’s Northeast (USA) TourHudson Loan by Peter Berg

October 8, 2006: Finding a Bioregion in the Sea is a Dispatch written while teaching on the Peace Boat (off Baja Califas).

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