Eco-Ecuador Dry Tropical Forest Revegetation Project

The Dry Tropical Vegetation of Bahia De Caraquez coastal bioregion is both specific and barely extant. The Project began as an effort to stabilize hillsides (which had recently become mudslides) by replanting a combination of indigenous trees, shrubs and grasses. Working with local people as well as international volunteers, the various project managers have each left their mark on the Eco-Ecuador Project. This page is a compilation of who they are and were and a links to their Reports.

Last Days in Bahia

By Amy Jewel | March 13, 2001

Amy Jewel, Field Assistant (Writing from Memphis, Tennessee) “Well, we HAVE to do it.” These words were spoken more than once over the past few weeks by Patrick Rivadenerra, Director of the new Department for Tourism and the Environment, about accomplishing the objectives of his department. They were used yet again last week during a final meeting with Gabriella Chejtman as we discussed the next […]

Field Report # 1, 2001

By Amy Jewel | February 26, 2001

Amy Jewel, Field AssistantPlanet Drum Foundation We presented the official Spanish version of the Ecological Plan to Dr. Luis Mendoza, President of the Mayor’s Commission on Tourism and the Environment, on Tuesday, February 20th. This is the body that will take the plan to the City Council for discussion and eventual approval, or disapproval. “Nos vimos” (we shall see). During our brief discussion of the […]

Report on Bahia de Caraquez Hillside Erosion Suitable for Revegetation Using Plantings Without Physical Alterations of the Landscape

By Peter Berg | January 23, 2001

(Rio Chone Border From Astillero to Kilometro Ocho — Excepting El Toro Watershed) The area of Bahia de Caraquez that borders Rio Chone from Astillero to Kilometro Ocho is backed by a long series of eroded hillsides that drain into the river and bay. The principal erosion was initiated by deforestation and grazing over decades, but recently made massive by El Nino mud slides and […]

Goodbye to the Tropics

By Claire Dibble | December 10, 2000

Only 48 hours until I have to kiss this beautiful city goodbye. Trying to tie up loose ends and enjoy my last moments. A crazy week, super full, as they say around here. Planned a minga (barrio clean-up), a mural with an ecological theme, and the inauguration of the Bosque en las Ruinas park.  The minga was a success last weekend; 12 kids from one […]

El Bosque en Las Ruinas (The Forest in the Ruins)

By Claire Dibble | October 24, 2000

Roosters crowing, a dog barking in the distance, tropical birds chirping overhead, it’s a quiet morning in Bahia de Caraquez. Good day to go up ‘killer hill’ (as Tony and I have fondly named the climb up to the new park site in Maria Auxiliadora), and move dirt. Exciting to see progress on the paths that are being cleared and widened to provide access to […]

Eco-City Declaration First Anniversary Celebration

By Carey Knecht | March 3, 2000

By Carey Knecht (Planet Drum Foundation field staff person overseeing revegetation project) I joined up with Planet Drum and the Eco-Bahia project because I was deeply inspired by the task of integrating nature and a city. That is a task that requires not only reforesting one hillside, but actually changing culture. Sometimes I wonder how these projects relate. Sometimes I feel like the only nature […]