Eco-Ecuador Dry Tropical Forest Revegetation Project

The Dry Tropical Vegetation of Bahia De Caraquez coastal bioregion is both specific and barely extant. The Project began as an effort to stabilize hillsides (which had recently become mudslides) by replanting a combination of indigenous trees, shrubs and grasses. Working with local people as well as international volunteers, the various project managers have each left their mark on the Eco-Ecuador Project. This page is a compilation of who they are and were and a links to their Reports.

2002 Kristen Ford & Chris Haaf: Report #1: End of the Week

By Kristen Ford and Chris Haas | October 5, 2002

Kristen Ford and Chris HaasPlanet Drum Volunteers  It has been one week since Peter and Judy’s departure to Guayaquil. I figured that today would be a great time to send my first report.  This week has been full of successes. I spent quite a bit of time at the compost patio in Fanca getting to know the workers there better. Cesar, the older man, has […]

Closing Circles and Emerging Angles + Fanca Produce Plan

By Peter Berg | September 21, 2002

Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador Planet Drum’s new office/volunteer center is a promising three bedroom, two bathroom, large living-dining room apartment on the second floor in the city center that is notably inexpensive due to the ravages of 1998’s earthquake. Only $30 in cash and $30 worth of repairs per month. Field Projects Manager Jeff Goddin and volunteer Laura McKaughan had to tear down the ruined […]

Looking for Resources

By Jeff Goddin | August 1, 2002

Jeff Goddin, Eco-Bahia Projects Manager I sit at a table in a half-finished house as the street sounds, neighbor’s voices, and the smell of fresh baked bread waft in to distract me from writing this introduction to my Ecuador experience for the Planet Drum community. So, you’re probably wondering who I am. I’m a 27 year old male from Ohio, with work experience in chemical […]

Report #3: Revegetation Project, Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador

By Lisa Kundrat | April 1, 2002

Lisa Kundrat, Field Assistant Last Wednesday morning accompanied Marcelo Luque and Linsey, his volunteer, to Kilometro 8, one site where he has been working with Laura Commike on Planet Drum’s reforestation project in Leonidas Plaza. Pedro met us there and gave Linsey and I tips on our machete wielding techniques as we slashed small circles in the brush along the river bank to mark where […]

Report #2: Fanca Produce

By Lisa Kundrat | March 29, 2002

Lisa Kundrat, Field Assistant A week of storms and heat, of transition, of visiting, walking, listening. Been raining nearly every night, every morning, sweat dripping hot in between. There were nights when no one slept, thunder that made us crouch in our beds, lightning we could see with our eyes closed. Tried to plant in the beginning of the week, were caught as the storm […]

Eco-Ecuador 2002 Report # 1: First Impressions

By Lisa Kundrat | March 13, 2002

Lisa Kundrat, Field Assistant Received a letter from home. Spoke of cold hail running through apple wood ash. Makes me miss Montana these days when I have been questioning my role here, in this place that is not my own, where I am only just learning the feel of the hot ocean, learning to speak. One night after being so ill, sitting on the crowded […]