Ecuador Bioregional Education Course

Bioregional class perceives the estuary on field trip.

By Valentina Carminati | July 26, 2006

Valentina Carminati, Field Bioregional Education ManagerPlanet Drum FoundationJuly 26, 2006 Our trip to La Cruz lookout in the center of Bahia was as enjoyable as always! It was a great day; the sun was shining and the sky was completely clear. Perfect weather conditions to admire the view of the Rio Chone estuary from up there. Kids could see the integration between land and water.  They […]

Students in the Bioregional classes more than doubled.

By Valentina Carminati | July 17, 2006

Valentina Carminati, Field Bioregional Education ManagerPlanet Drum FoundationJuly 17, 2006 The remaining students each received a card describing a different characteristic of the plant required to assist their friend in getting healthier. As a group they needed to get all the information together and start looking for the exact plant. They also had to find the respective species as soon as possible otherwise their friends were […]

Bioregional class identifying native species in the Dry Tropical Forest.

By Valentina Carminati | June 26, 2006

Valentina Carminati, Field Bioregional Education ManagerPlanet Drum FoundationReport, June 26, 2006 Last Wednesday we had a new student, Anita, who is only seven years old. Actually, she is too young to participate actively in the class nevertheless I am always trying to involve her in the conversations.  All the kids attempted to solve the Bioregional crossword I prepared for them. They were still very confused about […]

Bioregional Education course started for seven kids.

By Valentina Carminati | June 19, 2006

Valentina Carminati, Field Bioregional Education ManagerPlanet Drum FoundationReport, June 12-19, 2006 Today the Bioregional Education course started and Cheo kindly was helping me. Unfortunately only seven students turned up. I knew the main problem was going to be the lack of kids but I don’t want to put myself down yet. First of all the students introduced themselves (name, age, and institution). Six of them are from Colegio […]

Valentina preparing a summer course in bioregionalism for teens.

By Valentina Carminati | June 12, 2006

June 12, 2006 Last week I have been to Colegio Interamericano and to Colegio Eloy Alfaro and I left 80 invitations in total to the students (in order for the parents to know and decide together). The students are 10 to 14 years old and since the course is not an ‘obligation’ we don’t know how many students will participate to the lessons.  Anyway…The program […]

The gas station leak.

By Kristen Lansdale | August 11, 2005

On Tuesday we had a very interesting day of class. The gas station Repsol has been leaking gas into the estuary for what seems to be about eight years, or since the earthquake. It became such a problem that they could no longer turn the blind eye and have had to close the gas station and do some major clean up. So Friends of the […]