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Bioregional Education Workshops

By Clay Plager-Unger | August 21, 2019

Bioregional education workshops at the Planet Drum greenhouse teach the importance of forest conservation and practical information about how to restore this threatened ecosystem. Participants engage in hands on activities related to tree production and revegetation. In recent months, Planet Drum hosted workshops at the greenhouse for school groups from Los Algarrobos School (Canoa) and the Eloy Alfaro School (Bahía). Planet Drum has worked with […]

Seed Collection

By Clay Plager-Unger | August 16, 2019

In July and August various seed collection expeditions have yielded seed bounties of native Dry Tropical Forest species. Pechiche seeds were collected off the ground in the El Toro watershed. Fresh Algarrobo seed pods were harvested in the Astillero neighborhood. And Ceibo seed pods were collected straight from a tree along the main road into town near the Fanca neighborhood in Leonidas Plaza.

Hillside Revegetation in El Astillero

By Clay Plager-Unger | August 16, 2019

Planet Drum maintains a satellite greenhouse operation and revegetation site in the Astillero neighbor just outside of downtown Bahía de Caráquez with cooperation from our longtime friend José María. The extremely steep and eroding revegetation site was planted with 75 trees in December, 2018 – January, 2019. Today we visited the site to monitor and water the trees that were planted. The site has maintained a […]

Youth Volunteerism

By Clay Plager-Unger | August 15, 2019

In recent months, there has been a noticeable increase in youth volunteering in the region. Many of them are involved in environmental work, often tree planting, which means that sooner or later they find out about Planet Drum’s revegetation project and want to participate. One group, Fuerza Equitativa Juvenil de San Vicente (Equitable Youth Force of San Vicente), is a loosely knit group of young adults who volunteer […]

Vía Segura Project

By Clay Plager-Unger | July 20, 2019

Planet Drum Foundation has been invited by the Sucre County Municipality to participate in an ambitious project to improve 32 kilometers of highway between Bahía de Caráquez and San Clemente, the closest town to the south. The project plans to improve the security, cellphone reception, emergency services, and the environment over the next four years and relies on cooperation between various institutions, including the national […]

Bahía Eco-Club Collaboration

By Clay Plager-Unger | July 10, 2019

There is a new ecological club in town, Bahía Eco-Club, which connects youth volunteers,  local students and international volunteers on environmental projects, such as tree-planting. Planet Drum has been assisting them with technical advice, volunteers, and trees. In cooperation with the Eloy Alfaro school in Bahía de Caráquez, they are implementing a new greenhouse operation and recycling center, utilizing an area of the school which […]