Collaboration for a Long-Term Sustainable City

Greenhouse Activities

By Clay Plager-Unger | April 12, 2019

Keeping the Planet Drum greenhouse running smoothly and the trees healthy and growing well involves weeding, watering, and organizing trees. Volunteers are key to the successful production of native trees at the greenhouse!

Transplanting Seedlings

By Clay Plager-Unger | April 9, 2019

At the Planet Drum greenhouse, volunteers work hard to produce new trees. The seedbeds had Tamarind, Guava, and Mango seedlings ready for transplanting into bottles. Soil was prepared and mixed. Bottles were cut and filled with soil. 200 Tamarind, 100 Guava and 150 Mango seedlings were transplanted into the bottles.

Tree Planting in the Ciudadela Maria Enrique Orrantia Neighborhood

By Clay Plager-Unger | March 22, 2019

Residents in the Ciudadela Maria Enqiue Orrantia requested more native fruit trees for planting in their community. We did a tree planting campaign there 5 months ago. Guayaba, Guava, Chirimoya, Mango, Mandarin and Orange trees were delivered and over the course of several days 80 trees were planted on two sides of the neighborhood. Local residents assisted in the tree planting and will be responsible […]

Urban Hillside Revegetation in Bahía de Caráquez

By Clay Plager-Unger | February 27, 2019

Over the course of four days in February, more than 60 native fruit trees were planted on a hillside in Bahía de Caráquez. The site is located on a hill above the beach promenade which faces the Pacific Ocean. Planet Drum is collaborating with two local residents (Benigno and Ester), who maintain small gardens there and have committed to watering and caring for the trees. […]

Bahía Ecocity Environmental Forum

By Clay Plager-Unger | February 23, 2019

For the 20th anniversary of Bahía de Caráquez’s declaration as an Ecological City, Hugo Vaca, head of the environmental department for the city, wisely decided to host an environmental forum instead of a celebration, as has been custom in the past. Despite the lack of initiatives coordinated by the city government, many private and public organizations and groups based in Bahía continue to be proactive […]

Muddy Waters

By Clay Plager-Unger | February 8, 2019

Julia (USA) spent five months (September – January) interning at Planet Drum. During this time, she was very dedicated to helping with all of the various work activities. Regardless of how difficult, muddy, sticky (peeling tamarind seeds), smelly, or how many mosquitoes bit her, she had a smile. I would especially like to thank her for all of the photos of mine that she bombed […]